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Why get your Greens Direct?


Keep on Track with a Healthy Schedule. Think of it as a Gym Membership. Except we actually deliver you good regardless of your commitment.

Better Health Lifestyle

Microgreens are live produce and provide 40X the nutrients than their mature counterparts. Microgreens are a Superfood that provides a great deal of nutrition.

Better Cooking Lifestyle

Improve Dinner Time by adding Color and Flavor on every meal or snack. Visually appealing while delivering a contrast in texture and taste. a Definate show stopper.

Free Delivery Options

Any Purchase over $20 in the Deliverable areas mentioned will have FREE DELIVERY! Plus on a subscription, you get super fresh cut greens delivered the same day. Doesn't get fresher than that!

The Foodie Pack

The Foodie Pack was designed for the culinary chef at heart. A toolkit, diverse enough to contend with any task-worthy culinary endeavor that one may choose to endure. Make your weekends exciting and memorable with something worth exploring. Bring out the foodie in you..

Try our Specialty Blends

We took the time to craft unique blends that are designed around a theme. If you enjoy some spiciness, we have a blend for you. If you enjoy Sweet Greens, we’ve got a blend for you. If you are a Master Chef and require a Blend to showcase your culinary skill. We have what you need.


Check out Our Recipes!

We are focused on creating a recipe library of Microgreens for educational and practical use.

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