Foodie Pack

The Foodie Pack was designed for the culinary chef at heart. A toolkit, diverse enough to contend with any task-worthy culinary endeavor that one may choose to endure. Make your weekends exciting and memorable with something worth exploring. Bring out the foodie in you.



Congratulations on subscribing to a healthier, vibrant and rich lifestyle. Once you place your subscription order, it will be delivered either the following week or the week after since some crops need at least 2 weeks to grow. You are getting a grow to order. This way we can ensure you get super fresh produce every time.

Your subscription will officially start once we deliver your first order. Which should be the following Thursday. In any case we will keep you updated with email notifications.

Thank you for trying our Microgreen Products, we put a lot of effort into creating the best high quality product along with a good shopping experience.

Once you place your one time order, it may be delivered quickly if there is fresh stock, however in most cases it will be delivered either the following week or the week after since some crops need at least 2 weeks to grow.

It is ideal to consume microgreens as soon as they are harvested to get all the benefits of the nutrients and freshness they provide. Therefore same day anticipated delivery is a unique service that can only be made possible by subscription.

Another beneficial reason to subscribe is to keep engaged with eating and living a healthy diet. In the worst-case scenario, you are too busy and have no time to create your next art piece of a meal. You can easily toss your microgreens in your smoothie or salad for a big boost of nutrients.

Worthy of note. Subscriptions enable us to better gauge demand and allow us to be able to provide this type of service to the community. Supporting us as a local business ensures that the community will be able to benefit from this type of service.

Yes! At any time. All you need to do is go to your account dashboard and go to the subscriptions section. There, you can easily manage your subscription in one place.

Microgreens should be consumed within the first 7 days, however, if the conditions are right they can last up to two weeks and beyond in the refrigerator. Microgreens need to be stored dry and at an ideal temperature of 2-5 degrees Celsius (35-40 degrees Fahrenheit).

When you place your order, you can specify instructions to leave the parcel with a neighbor or some people will put out a cooler to store the microgreens until they get back home. Even if it’s last minute, you can give us a call and we will adjust the delivery to suit your needs.

You can set up Paypal or add a credit card to your Account under Billing. This makes everything easier as everything is automated and hassle is essentially eliminated.

Yes, Absolutely! If you are interested in a variety that we do not currently stock, then we will grow it for you.

If your inquiry is about bulk or wholesale orders, we will provide special pricing based on volume.